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The working principle of photoelectric diode

PhotoDiode photoDiode is the working principle of optICal signals into al signals to the semIConductor devICe. Its core is a p-n junction Diode, anelectrICd compared, in the structure is different, in order to facilitate the acceptance of the incident light, the PN junction area try to do some big, electrode area as small as possible, and the PN junction depth is very shallow, generally less than 1 mICrons.
PhotoelectrIC Diode is reverse voltage under the influence of work. No light, reverse current is very small ( generally less than 0.1 mICroampere ), calLED the dark current. When illuminated, carrying the energy of the photons entering the p-n junction, to pass the energy covalent bond of bound electron, make the part of electronIC break the covalent bond, resulting in the electron - hole pairs, known as the light carrier.
They are in effect to reverse voltage drift movement, so that the reverse current is bigger, the intensity of light is greater, the greater the reverse current. This behavior is calLED " photoconductivity". PhotoDiode in general illumination light, generated by the current calLED the light current. If the external circuit connected to the load, the load on the received signals, and the electrICal signal as the light changes and the corresponding changes.
PhotoelectrIC Diode, three photoelectrIC Triode is widely used in electronIC circuits of the photosensitive devICes. PhotoDiode and a normal Diode having a p-n junction, the difference is in the photoDiode enclosure having a transparent window to receive light irradiation, realization of photoelectrIC conversion, in the circuit diagram symbols for general VD. The three Transistor has a photoelectrIC conversion function, also has an amplifICation function, in the circuit diagram symbols for general VT. Three photoelectrIC Triode as the input signal into an optICal signal, so it is usually only the collector and emitter two pins line. With the photoelectrIC Diode, three photoelectrIC Diode enclosure has a transparent window, so as to receive the light irradiation.

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