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The advantage of SEPIC converter coupled inductors

Single end primary Inductor converter ( SEPIC ) through a larger or less than the regulation of output voltage of input voltage. In addition to a buck and boost converters role outside, SEPIC also has the least active component, a simple controller and the clamp Switch waveform, thereby providing a low noise operation. To see whether the use of a two magnetic winding, is our recognition of SEPIC general method. The winding can be wound on the common core, with the coupLED double winding Inductance situation, or they may be two non coupLED Inductor separate winding. Designers usually do not determine which method is the best, and between two methods of whether there is an actual difference. The article of each method are studied, and a discussion of each method on the SEPIC design impact.
Circuit operation
Figure 1 shows the basic SEPIC coupLED Inductors. When FET ( Q1 ) opened, the input voltage is applied to the primary winding. Due to the winding ratio of 1: 1, so the secondary winding is also exerted a is equal to the input voltage voltage; however, due to the winding polarity, Rectifier ( D1 ) anode were negative, and the reverse bias. Rectifier biased closed, request output capacitance in this" turn-on" time period to support the load, thereby forcing the AC Capacitor ( CAC ) is charged to a voltage input. Q1 is opened, a two winding of the current Q1 to the ground, while the secondary current flowing through the AC Capacitor. " Turn-on" period total FET current as the input current and the output current and the secondary.
FET closes, winding voltage of opposite polarity, in order to maintain current. Rectifier conductive to output electric current is supplied, the secondary winding voltage is clamped to the output voltage. Through the transformer action, it to the primary winding of the output voltage clamp. FET drain voltage is clamped to the input voltage and output voltage. FET" off" time period, a two winding of the current flowing through the D1 to output end, and the primary current is flowing through the AC Capacitor.

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