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IGBT chip production line

China South Locomotive high-power IGBT industry base in Hunan 25 days Zhuzhou city foundation, which marks China 's first 8 inch IGBT chip production line project was officially launched, long-term by foreign monopoly power converter with" Chinese core".
Project designed to produce 8 inch chip 120000, IGBT Module 1000000, China Southern has become the only domestic Master IGBT chip design, chip manufacturing Module assembly and system application complete industrial chain enterprises, to fill the domestic gaps in the field of related technology. Ministry of industry and information technology equipment division director Wang Jianyu thinks, China Southern will be completely independent implementation of power electronics technology and industry development, ranks among the world's large power IGBT device technology and industrialization of the top echelon.
Mo panic! The main remains in the diving? Locked in stocks are likely to be saved! In March the stock market is likely to change? The tug of war hidden behind the movement of capital!
China CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Limited company chief engineer Feng Jianghua introduced, IGBT, is a new type of power semiconductor devices, Chinese name" insulated gate bipolar Transistor", is the power semiconductor devices technical revolution the third times representative products. Power electronic technology as the core technology, widely used in rail transportation, aerospace, marine drive, smart grid, power electronics, new energy vehicles and other strategic industries, energy-saving technology and low carbon economy main support, by the industry as the power converter device" CPU," green economy" core".
Upon completion, the base will have an annual output of 120000 8 inch IGBT chip and 1000000 large power IGBT device capacity, annual production value of more than 2000000000 yuan, its industry scale and technical strength are more than the domestic level, reached the international leading level.
China South Locomotive high-power IGBT industry base in addition to build an international leading 8 inch IGBT chip production line, also will build 9 to meet the needs of different industries using IGBT Module production line. Products voltage from 600 volts to 6500 volts, meet the rail transit and electric cars, wind power, solar power, smart grid, high voltage inverter, industrial transmission and other industries demand, to become China's first fully independent ability construction, design of the largest, most powerful technology, the product spectrum of most of the large power IGBT industry base, changing the core technology products rely on imports of heteronomy, the adverse situation, for the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, to promote the rapid and healthy development of national economy and make important contributions.
It is reported, rail traffic, new energy, electric cars and the green economy industry in the next ten years or even longer time will keep annual 20-30% growth, the development of green economy has become a global consensus on all major economies. As the green economic power" core", IGBT market develops foreground light.

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